Dragons DenPeter Moule, the man behind revolutionising the electrical connector industry, is an effervescent entrepreneur and creator of  the innovative 'Chocbox' - a safe and simple solution to protect and insulate electrical connectors negating the need for untidy electrical tape ( which does not meet current regulations ).

Peter's family company Bill Moule  & Sons ltd, has been lighting Exhibitions and Events around the world for many years, a service that is synonymous with dedication and quality.

The 'Chocbox' was created after Peter noticed a gap in the market whilst working closely with his electricians and new Health & Safety Legislation came into the exhibition industry. Peter then decided to design, produce and patent his 'Chocbox' invention.

The 'Chocbox' has serviced the Exhibition industry for many years, alleviating the burden on electricians while at the same time exceeding the Health & Safety Regulations. It didn't take long for word to spread and soon Peter broke into the general electrical contracting market, distributing his invention to wholesalers across the UK.

Proud as punch that his product is 100% British owned and manufactured, and 100% safe and secure, Peter wanted to take it to the next level - the domestic market. Every household, every office building, every restaurant, every facility in the country should be using safe and secure electrical connections  - they should be using a 'Chocbox!'

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